About Us


Holy Presentation Convent School is committed to facilitating the development of the child by creating an environment in which all students will achieve success and become productive individuals.

Our vision is to provide creative wholesome training programmes to turn out ‘Confident’, ‘thinking’, ‘capable’, citizens.  The vision of HPCS is to provide a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment in which our students become creative learners and independent problem solvers.

Our vision is to train students through an English Medium environment possessing traditional values that opens up a new world of learning and meet the future with confidence.


  • Develop confidence, creativity and commitment to the child.
  • Aim at a creative environment to achieve mission of excellence in education and quality in life.
  • Foster the feelings of universal brotherhood among students by generating trust in unity in diversity.
  • To make children self confident and self dependent.
  • The best policy of our school is the complete development of an individual and harmonious development of a child’s personality.
  • Acquiring the capacities of understanding, appreciation and new expression through the world and strictly under the new CCE Pattern Since the pre-primary level